Gavin Gawrych

Gavin Gawrych

Weston, FL @GavinGawrych
Gavin Gawrych

Gavin Gawrych

Weston, FL @GavinGawrych

FIU Information Technology Graduate Showcasing Projects & Work Experience


Florida International University
Bachelor of Science, Information Technology Minor in Business (2017)
Broward College
Associate's Degree (2015)


Florida Department of Transportation
Web Developer & Technician
Florida International University - College of Engineering & Computing
Grader | Assistant
Bed Bath & Beyond
Sales Associate
Kumon North America, Inc.
Academic Tutor | System Technician
Sir Pizza Restaurants
Employee Supervisor
Rivieria Isles
Lifeguard | Security Guard
Best Buy
Technical Sales Associate
The Sagemont School
Summer Camp Counselor

Member Since January 20, 2016

Project Management Charter

Project Charter detailing a plan for software changes in a business with division of roles/duties, positions/responsibilities...