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Published: July 16, 2017 1 1 37
By: Carlos Acosta, Florida International University
Category: Game Development
Hashtags: #C #ComputerScience #GameDesign #GameDevelopment #Programing #Visualstudio

Alma Mater Armageddon is a 4x real time strategy game about managing a university. I was involved in all aspects of it's development from game rules to making a build on C.

This project required me to organize a structured set of objectives and prioritize which features to work on and which to throw out in order to have a completed product by a deadline. The most vital strategy for this project was adapting to problems as they occurred and knowing the difference between issues that could or couldn’t be resolved.

The initial and biggest problem I had was uncertainty in my ability to create a functioning version of the game with my limited programing knowledge. At the beginning I was confident I could find the time to learn how to code C and eventually create the game but soon realized this wasn’t a realistic goal. Thankfully, since I didn’t procrastinate I was able to find help from my friend, Francy Perez, who had the skill set to tackle programing aspect of the gaming which allowed me and my teammate Luz to focus on the game’s design and presentation.

The main risk I took was choosing to go a separate path from most of my classmates who used a simple platform to make their game and instead use something much more complicated and time consuming.

The most meaning full thing I learned from this project was that I could keep my word and not fail or disappoint those counting on me despite their fears and doubts about me.

I’d say that I made the greatest improvements in the arts as I learned how to be ore bold and confident in my creativity but also learned how to tame my creativity to create something tactile and coherent.

Something I learned which was not reflected in my submission was the realization that doubt and fear are counterproductive and are best overcome by taking action.

I learned that there will always be reasons to doubt myself so ultimately what matters is weather I do something as opposed to nothing. The best method for creating is to be practical and not lose track of the original goal along the way. The ends justify the meaning.

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