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Published: June 6, 2017 0 0 131
By: Gavin Gawrych, Florida International University
Category: Coding
Hashtags: #Algorithms #Coding #JAVA #Programming #ShellscriptsinUnix

Folder containing the assignment below for downloading and viewing

The CGS3767 folder contains batch and (.sh) files which can be run on Windows and Linux systems respectively. These were created through Virtual Box using different operating systems through a Windows 10 computer. Code in the files can be viewed through any text editor if you do not wish to run the code or are unable to on your operating system.

Assignment 2: Prints out memory in RAM chips as a .java file that can be run through the command prompt given the directory. The java file "Memory Calculator" reads form a "RAMError" file which contains values for the program to read from. Assignment 2 also contains a ".sh" file which can be run on a Linux system, but its contents can be read through a text editor. It contains a number guessing game written with shell scripting.

Assignment 3: Contains two ".bat" files and one ".sh" file, where the ".bat" files can be run on Windows and the ".sh" file can be run on Linux. "Program1.bat" is run through the command prompt and tells you to enter two numbers and appends it to a file. "Program2.bat" connects to "" and displays active connections. "" is similar to "Program2.bat", but for Linux systems.