Appreciation of the Creative Arts: A&V 2016
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Appreciation of the Creative Arts: A&V 2016

Appreciation of the Creative Arts: A&V 2016

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Published: July 17, 2017 1 0 1.2K
By: Kurt Calibara, Florida International University
Category: Art & Design
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Aesthetics and Values '16
Aesthetics and Values is art exhibition fully curated by students of the Honors College. The course, Art as a Social Language, focuses on the relationship of the artist with society and how he may influence it and how it influences them, if at all.
Majoring in Biological Sciences, I wanted to expand my knowledge beyond that of STEM classes. I enjoyed my previous course with the professor who mentioned this class for the upcoming year and I was thrilled at the idea of being in an art course with an amazing teacher.
Through A&V, I was able to understand myself in relation to the world around me. The artists that we have studied have shown resilience and independence in their art, usually through their controversial pieces or stances in their respective decades. Much like these men and women, I have come to understand that I will not be able to please everyone in everything that I do but that is to be expected if I want to express the ideas and opinions that I am entitled to voice out. Simultaneously, I have also learned that others are entitled to their own opinions and I must respect those as well.
Prior to the class, and eventually, the art exhibition, I had very little interaction with Art. I might have only visited less than 5 museums in my life. Art was a luxury or something that only those who could spend an afternoon not working or studying can do—or so I thought. My appreciation for the art was greatly augmented by interacting with our artist, Ms. Alex Trimino. It was through visiting her in her studio, watching her artistic process, listening to her inspirations, and installing her work did I realize how much time, dedication and effort goes into her sculptures.
Having experienced one artist’s process was life-changing, but having to learn all of the backgrounds of all of the artists that were featured in the exhibit was something of a higher nature. It brings to light how everyone has a different story and how all these different lives come together to form something so unique and yet something so unifying.
Curating Aesthetics and Values has indeed enhanced my cultural literacy. Working with people from different cultures—students, faculty, and artists—exposed me to attributes and skills that contributed to make the exhibit a success.
It was novel and it was challenging, but curating an art show is one experience I will never forget and I will always look back to. The Honors College made it possible for me to experience art in a manner I would not have otherwise experienced in my undergraduate education.


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