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Published: June 6, 2017 0 0 86
By: Gavin Gawrych, Florida International University
Category: Coding
Hashtags: #c_sharp #Coding #Programming #visualstudio2015

Folder containing all of the below assignments for downloading and viewing

The COP4005 folder contains a Battleship game, Commercial and Residential Property cost calculator, and a multi-document interface form where children inherit values from the parents and vice-versa as multi-document interface forms are linked together.

Battleship Game: this game shows a Battleship GUI for the user to use and play with. The board acts similarly to the game "Battleship" and keep track of the user attempts at finishing the game each time.

Commercial/Residential Property Calculator: this program has set calculations values and uses inheritance in C# to create a property cost calculator based on user inputted values. The algorithms in the code can be changed whatever values the user wishes and because this program uses inheritance those values should work across the programs calculations and classes. Some of the methods are overloaded and overridden which makes this possible. When the user is done adding properties to calculate their cost, the user can see the total cost of each of the previously entered properties or view them as you would view sales given to you on a receipt at any general store.

MDI form: this program contains multiple forms which contain data grids with data-binding and data sources so the user can add values and refresh pages to reflect the added values. The forms which are included are for business purposes such as managing a store's stock in a data grid, displaying products that need restocking for a business based on a data grid, and a point-of-sales terminal based on a data grid.