Spting 2017 Animated GIFs 1-3
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Spting 2017 Animated GIFs 1-3

Spting 2017 Animated GIFs 1-3


Published: January 31, 2017 0 0 228
By: Kenneth Olaguivel, Florida International University
Category: Animation
Hashtags: #1 #2 #2DAnimation #3 #Adobe #Animation #CharacterDesign #Design #Drawing

These are some animated GIF projects I've worked on for my online Internet Art class on the Spring 2017 semester.

GIF #1: Here I attempted to animate wind movement on my character while standing, plus shading.
GIF #2: This is the one I put the most effort to, and animating the eyes was the most time consuming task in this piece.
GIF #3: On this one I discovered how to apply a shadow on my character, which involves a peg layer and transform tool.