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NetBeans Projects

  • Nested Loops GUI
  • Phonebook Listings


Published: June 6, 2017 0 0 107
By: Gavin Gawrych, Florida International University
Category: Coding
Hashtags: #Coding #JAVA #Programming

COP3804 Folder containing all the following assignments for downloading and viewing purposes

The COP3804 Folder contains my java NetBeans projects such as: BattleShip Game simulator, Nested Loops Graphical User Interface project, and PhoneBook Listing project.

BattleShip: When this program is run it displays a board built with 2D arrays and contains error handling to make the game run flawlessly.

NestedLoopsGUI: When this program is run the user will only be able to display certain types of nested loops in geometrical shapes which are displayed as a graphical user interface.

PhoneBook Listing: When this program is run it will ask for a file to read off of and present to the user a simple menu. The user needs to click on the file called "Sample.txt" included in the PhoneBook Listing folder and then test the program out from there. It uses lists to sort and search as an actual directory would do, while allowing the user to add, edit, and delete entries in the phone book.